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Scheduling help

  1. Dec 2, 2009 #1
    I'm on pace to take Differential Equations and Signals & Systems I (EE course) simultaneously in the 4th semester; the course catalog says that it is highly recommended that I take Diff. Eq. prior to Signals & Systems I. So, if I switch Diff. Eq. with a literature course (which I can take anytime later), I would be taking Calculus III, Linear Algebra, and Diff Eq in the same semester. Would it be a bad idea to take those three math courses simultaneously in one semester, in terms of pre-req requirements?
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    I think taking those three maths in the same semester would be better than taking Diff Eq and S&S I at the same time. If your diff eq is anything like mine was then you will need more calc II knowledge than anything else. The linear algebra that the diff eq involved was pretty basic and can be taught from scratch in the diff eq class if you haven't already learned it in linear algebra yet.
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    Calc. 3 (Multivar) and LinAlg are combined into one course at my school and I had no problems taking that at the same time as Diff Eq, but it could be different elsewhere.

    If you're that concerned about it, you should definitely talk to your adviser and/or the professors teaching the classes next semester and get their opinions on the viability of taking all 3 at once.
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