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Scheduling question

  1. Aug 9, 2006 #1
    I am starting my junior year at a big school (University of Florida) and I just transfered in from a local community college. I am an EE major and I want to have a physics minor. My advisor told me that I should probably wait before taking Modern Physics (Phy III). My classes look like this:

    Circuits 1
    C++ programming w/ Lab
    Linear Algebra
    Engineering Analysis (with emphisis in EE problems)

    Total Hours: 14

    (if I take modern physics)
    Total Hours: 17

    I want to take Modern Physics but that will put me up 17 hours. My advisor thinks I should wait and take it next semester too ensure that I get a good GPA this semester. I am a dedicated student and had a 4.0 at the CC. I have no doubt that I can pass all the classes but with it being my first semester at a new university I am nervous. Should I hold off on taking Modern Physics till the spring?
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    Is there any option to start taking the physics class and then drop it if it is too much of a load?
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    I am allowed only 2 drops while completing my undergrad work. So I want to try and save those.
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    I'd wait, honestly, since you're a transfer student. Get a semester under your belt so that you can understand the workload required for the classes before you stretch yourself too thin.
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    What benefit will you get by taking the physics class right away?

    My first circuits class took up a lot more time then anyone in the class expected, but that will vary from school to school.

    If you haven't done any programming before, your first programming class can beat you up a little because everything will be new. If you have had a programming class before, it will be easy.

    Linear algebra isn't hard as long as you keep up.

    What's the class description for engineering analysis?

    Are you planning on working? How many hours per week including drive time?
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