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Schematic Generator

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    I have to make a terminal block from a DB15 connection. I'd like to have a neat looking schematic for it. I don't need to design a PCB, but just make a schematic for a custom circuit. Does anybody know of any software that you can build a schematic and then save it as a PDF or something?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    I did a quick search of the EE forum for threads with the word schematic in the title, and found this thread:


    In addition, if you already have Visio, you can use that to do fairly simple schematic diagrams.
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    Thanks a lot. Guess I didn't realize where the search function was earlier. >.<
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    I don't mean to brow-beat, but there's an active thread (about 10 threads down at this particular moment) entitled "Does anyone know a program for creating schematics?" where you'll find a more current survey of free (or freeish) schematic-capture programs:

    Both of my recommendations, Eagle and KiCAD PCB allow you to "plot" the schematic diagram (to postscript or PDF, if I recall correctly). If not, I highly recommend PDFCreator to install as a PDF document printer (but use the plot option where available, rather than just printing the schematic page):
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