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Medical Schizophrenia and physics

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    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when i was almost finishing my studies in physics. It took me 8 years to finish them. Then i had to stop and Im now living in a home for people with psychic diseases.
    Can schizophrenia impair math skills so that i had to stop or can math cause that disease ?
    Thanks for any comment.
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    There are three forms a schizophrenia, hallucinatory, paranoid, and delusional. Whether it will impair your math skills depends upon which form you have and how severe it is. There are many medications that can minimize its effects. There also have been brilliant mathematicians who have had schizophrenia, John F. Nash for instance. I doubt that math can cause the disease.

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    I dont think your math skill have been impaired.
    schizophrenia is a severe mental illness. it is very difficult for a schizophrenic to be functional.
    and high doses of antipsychotics cause brains to have low cognitive functioning.
    because of both the illness and the antipychotics, it is very difficult to work. it is a disability.
    however, john nash has secceeded in being functional without any medication. a rare case.
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    You say you don't think his math skills have been impaired but then go on to describe why they would be. What is the basis for thinking his math skills have not been impaired or that they necessarily would be?

    Schizophrenia CAN be a severe mental illness but isn't always.

    Are all the cases in the list I posted also rare cases?
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    This isn't exactly right. Check out what the Wiki says:

    Schizophrenics are very often deluded, hallucinated, and paranoid all at the same time. Those aren't different types, they're different possible symptoms from a larger list of possible symptoms.
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    Your list might be just about meaningless because none of those people were diagnosed by the current DSM, and, the further back in time you go the less likely anyone got a proper differential.

    I read a book that made a very persuasive case for Mary Todd Lincoln having been suffering from tertiary neurosyphilis, her symptoms fit that extremely well. If you can't physically examine a person you can make all kinds of diagnoses sound perfectly plausible. I suspect a lot of those rock stars listed have drug involvement, and that looked at by a different psychiatrist many on the list could be re-diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic features.
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    Schizophrenia could certainly distract you from being able to concentrate on math, but I don't think that's the same thing as impairing math skills.

    I don't think any psychiatric expert has ever thought math could cause schizophrenia, either. John Nash is the one who put that idea out, referring to his own case. He felt that thinking so much about math had contributed to his losing touch with the real world.
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    Odds are you can lose yourself in a language. You have to call what you use a language. No one is willing to call music or math a language. I have been accused of making no sense whatsoever using the wrong language with monolinguals. I was making sense and out of touch with their reality. Multilingualism is an extension, not a separate language. Schizophrenia reminds me of neologism in a broad sense. No one else can understand that language except you. I can only understand John Nash's take if math is a language.
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    i was diagnosed with indifferentiated schizophrenia, it is a case when the symptoms do not fit in other categories. Also I was used to smoke cannabis before the diagnose but they told me it is not a cause but can reveal an underlying disease.
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