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Schlemiel, Shlimazel

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    Ivan Seeking

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    One of my all time favorites was a chemist from Berkeley who appeared on a morning show. The setting was San Francisco; outside, in a park that overlooks the GG Bridge. Anyone who knows the bay area knows about the wind on the bay.

    So this highly respected chemist proceeds to demo some rapid reaction chemistry. The problem was that poor guy was ready for kids, but when he started foaming at the mouth and whatnot, the adult audience was less than impressed. Then he came to the grand finale ; another rapid reaction that involved, gulp, potassium permanganate. He set up a large beaker -about four or five feet tall and several inches in diameter - poured in the solutions, and the dark purple chemical solution foamed up and fired from the beaker like a cannon. Then of course the wind carried this all over the audience! Everyone's clothes were ruined. They announced right then and there that the show would buy everyone new clothes. :rofl:
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