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Schlieren System

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    hi everyone great site you guys have going....im a newbie so do excuse my stupid questions :P

    Anyway...I am taking an independent study class in aerospace engineering and my friend is doing his thesis project on a supersonic wind tunnel. I am only helping out with the optical part of it and need help finding information on schlieren setups. If anyone has info regarding this topic or experience in using a schlieren setup please do let me know thanks so much!!! Great luck in ur studies

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    Look at the book from Gary Settles it is the best book on Schlieren and very simply written.
    Use a Z-type setup
    You need a high power lamp (DC) mercury lamp 6amps will do fine
    you need a condenser lens with a slit or round aperature.
    you need two parabolic mirrors
    you need a knife edge (can be razor blade)
    You can project straight into a camera

    Lamp (Oriel)
    Optics (Newport)
    Camera Any will do (image will be monochromatic)

    What is your budget?
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