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Schlumberger vs Electronic Desgin

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    Hey my name is Abdelrahman I've just graduated this year with a B.S in Electronics and Communication engineering (Egypt) which is basically the regular US EE track but with a special focus on digital and analog circuit design, communication systems and DSP.
    The problem I'm facing right now (or the blessing however you might look at it) is that I'm having a couple of different career paths, the first is that I’m offered a job at Schlumberger as a field engineer, a job as you may know is highly compensated especially when compared to other jobs here in Egypt.
    The second choice that I’m being offered is taking a highly selective grant- based 9-Month VLSI diploma that will almost guarantee me a position in a couple of Egypt’s electronic design centers (not so big compared to the US ones) or in the design center for company like Mentor Graphics here in Egypt.
    I've been thinking about the two positions carefully considering that I would much love to work in the latter but then again a starting salary for an engineer at Mentor or any other Egyptian design firm would be about 700$ while the base salary for a Schlumberger field engineer would be in the range of 2500$-3000$.
    My question is that if I would consider the electronic design career path, what chances do I have at traveling to the US/Canada to precede a better career after I finish my diploma and masters and have 2 to 3 years of experience in Mentor Graphics here in Egypt or in one of the design centers given below, or should I just go for the field engineer job which right now seems like the better choice although I'm not very fond of it (not because of the hard work by the way, I love that aspect, but because the lack of hardcore design engineering in it).
    Some of Egypt’s top design centers:
    http://www.sysdsoft.com/ [Broken]

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