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i'm new here. currently, I'm having a problem with pspice simulation. I'm design a schmitt trigger using cmos but when i run it, the forward and reverse switching voltage does not appear. how should i do to make the hysteresis appear in the output simulation waveform? please... i need it urgent..
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Are you still having this problem? Can you post your schematic or SPICE deck?

1. What is a Schmitt trigger?

A Schmitt trigger is a type of electronic circuit that converts a noisy or fluctuating input signal into a clean, stable digital output signal. It is commonly used in digital systems for noise reduction and signal conditioning.

2. How does a Schmitt trigger work?

A Schmitt trigger works by using two threshold voltages, known as the upper and lower trigger points, to determine when to switch its output. When the input signal rises above the upper threshold, the output switches to a high state. When the input signal falls below the lower threshold, the output switches to a low state. This hysteresis helps to eliminate noise and produce a stable output signal.

3. What are the applications of a Schmitt trigger?

Schmitt triggers are used in a variety of electronic devices and systems, including oscillators, level detectors, and voltage regulators. They are also commonly used in digital systems for debouncing switches and removing noise from analog signals.

4. What are the advantages of using a Schmitt trigger?

The main advantage of using a Schmitt trigger is its ability to provide a clean, stable digital output signal even in the presence of noise or fluctuations in the input signal. It also has a simple design and is relatively easy to implement in electronic circuits.

5. Are there any limitations to using a Schmitt trigger?

One limitation of using a Schmitt trigger is that it requires a certain minimum input voltage to operate properly, known as the hysteresis voltage. Additionally, if the input signal is too noisy or has very fast fluctuations, the Schmitt trigger may not be able to accurately trigger its output, leading to errors in the digital signal.

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