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Scholarship-Graduate Students in Aerospace Eng.

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    Scholarship for Graduate Students in Aerospace Engineering, South Korea​

    We proudly announce the launch of LANL-CBNU Engineering Institute Korea, a joint venture program of our lab with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA. Therefore, we need some dedicated graduate students as the backbone of the program. Our projects are related, but not limited, to the application of laser ultrasound technologies and optical fiber sensors technologies to the non-destructive test and evaluation (NDT&E), and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of important engineering structures, such as wind turbine, space launch vehicle, nuclear power plant, and aircraft. All the projects are application based with supports from the industries or government, and have great potential to be commercialized. If you are highly motivated, we want to invite you to join our research team.

    Basic Requirements:
    - Electrical, electronics, mechatronics engineering, or image processing background.
    - Prefer candidates with signal/image processing, embedded system (FPGA), real-time application, RFID, wireless sensors network, or LabVIEW skills.
    - Good TOEFL score.

    Financial Supports:

    - Starting pay KRW 950,000 for master; KRW 1,150,000 for PhD (after tax deduction).
    - Increment depending on research achievement, e.g. KRW 1,650,000 for a present PhD student in the 4th year.
    - Office utensils supported, including PC, furniture, stationary, etc.

    Application or Enquiry:

    - Required documents:
    Detail resume with recent photo, copy of certificates and TOEFL result, one A4 page of self-introduction (your personality, motivation to join this field of study, reasons of application and personal goals, future plan after your graduation, etc).
    - Send application or enquiry to Integrated Health & Usage Monitoring Team leader:
    - Application due date: Spring semester: 20th Oct. 2011; Fall semester: 20th Apr. 2012.
    - For more information, visit us at http://ssl.jbnu.ac.kr/xe/research_f" (Please use Internet Explorer.)

    Prof. Jung-Ryul, LEE
    Smart Structures Laboratory & LANL-CBNU EI-K,
    Department of Aerospace Engineering,
    Chonbuk National University, South Korea.

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