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Scholarship offered to highschool students

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    First off, I wanted to know if there are scholarships that can be utilized during high school. My curiosity is dirivitive (excuse my spelling...) from the fact that there are many excellent research programs that are highly attractive to the scientifically inclined youth in high school, BUT (ah, there is always a BUT) repel most of these aspiring scientists with the dreadful reality that they cannot afford it. I am one such "victum", if you will. I have researched the internet for high school scholarship opportunities, but they are either for college, seniors (because they're the only highschoolers that exist :grumpy: ) or expired .
    Anyway, so if anyone knows of a scholarship offered to highschool students please let me know.

    Second question:
    I have wanted to be a physicist for a *little over a million years* (pun intended..ha-ha-ha :blushing: ). Now I was wondering what field is the most flexible. I am interested in everything, but most particularly space, machines (not neccesarily building...I enjoy designing mechanical equipment) , math, and did I mention physics? I plan on one PhD in physics, another in computer science (because I LOVE writing programs and running simulations of really cool fun math stuff). So what's the best field of physics that incorperates these aspects?
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    Get a B.S. first. A B.S. is very general. AFTER that (so in another 4 years), you can start to have an idea about what you'd want to do.

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