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Scholarships at Uvic

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    Hey I just finished first year at Uvic, where I took a pretty diverse selection of science courses with a focus in physics, and I ended up with an 8.8 GPA on a 9 point scale. I was just wondering if anyone could predict what kind of financial support, if any, Uvic would be inclined to offer me, assuming my GPA is my only asset.
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    Have you just contacted their financial aid office?
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    I guess I'm speaking specifically about scholarships which are granted purely based on GPAs. As in, how many other people have better grades than me at Uvic? Is my GPA negligible for their standards? I feel like these questions won't be highly regarded by the financial aid office is all.
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    That's exactly what the financial aid office is for. These awards and scholarships are school specific. Some schools have NO GPA-based awards, some have lots. We can't answer this question for you, the financial aid office can.
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