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School application process

  1. Aug 24, 2004 #1
    Hey guys.. I had a question on how school systems worked... at the college level.

    Lets say I apply to a school in my senior year... of high school... if I get accepted to a school.. can I say I want to take a year off... before I start school?
    Or how does that work... do you have to apply again.... if you dont apply right way.. do your chances of getting into a good school go down?
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    Some schools allow you to defer your acceptance to a later year. Most of the time they’ll charge you an application fee or something like that if you do this. If you ask them if you can defer acceptance and they allow it, they should walk you through the process of reapplying later. Just call the registrar’s office and ask after you’ve received your acceptance.

    From my understanding, many schools don’t really do a first come/first served when it comes to applications and sending out acceptance so sending an application later on, but still before the deadline, won’t really decrease your chance of acceptance. However, if you’re a good student, have good grades and such, you might be offered early acceptance. So I guess it’s better to submit early rather than late. Just work hard on those grades and if you’re in the US, study hard for those SATs.

    PS, this is my understanding of Canadian Universities (Ontario in particular) so it might not be the same for you.
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