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School choices

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    What type of schools should a student go , Polytechnic or Institute of Technology, if he want to receive a higher education for research & development?
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    We would need more information. I've know some "polytechnic"s that were no more than schools for mechanics, some that were good universities. It might also matter which "Institute of Technology"!
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    It's important what kind of research he's interested in.Whether it's physics,mathematics,chemistry,engineering,...
    Anyway,without knowing the specific domain,i can blindly reccomend CalTech anf MIT.As for "Polytechnics",i don't know of examples comparable with CalTech and MIT...
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    Internationaly there are a few 'Polytechnics' that are of comparable national status.

    The only 'Polytechnic' universities i've seen in the US are the two CalPoly campus's, SLO and Pomona.
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