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School GPA

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    hi, i am in my last high school year. I will apply to college at the end of this year and i am very concerned about my GPA. i am not from mauritius and i never found it very necessary to keep my grades very high. passing averagely was ok for me. Now i am realising that this will affect my GPA. Is there any way around it?

    actually, each trimester we do assessments. It's usually on a particular topic of the syllabus, and the teacher always looks for the most challenging questions. When they add up the assessments for each subject per trimester, they become average. It's not like an exam.

    I work very well in the Cambridge International Exams (the best grades and top of the world in computer studies). I am in the best school of where i live (mauritius) and i am also in the best science class. I also have nice extra curricular activities,...

    If i work hard on my SATs and get very good scores, do I have a chance to get into the best colleges?

    and anyone knows which average(quite good) college which ain't so keen on GPA?!

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    I will say this - On general, colleges weigh more on SATs than GPA. when it comes to admission. As long as your GPA is not ridiculously terrible, say Below 2.0 out of 4.0 and if you could pull off a good SAT score, you still got a shot in applying for good colleges.

    If you can write good essays or if you are involved in any extra curricular activities, that's a plus too.
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    Well, from what i've seen, almost every college requires you to have at least a 3.0 gpa, and extremely good sat scores if you are to be considered for scholarships too. Is financial matter a problem for you?
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    bah yeah i need financial aid.

    i got extra curriculars like Model United Nations, Civic Action Team, prefects/student councils, science competition....

    i just don't want this error of not improving my grades ruin my chance of entering into a nice college.

    thanks a lot...
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    Well, practically every respectable school looks at GPA for undergrad admissions (as others on this board have already said). There is no way "around it" unless you did very well on your SAT's, and even then, without at least an above average GPA, a lot of good schools won't touch you. I guess the real question is, just how bad is your GPA? Most schools have an admissions page on their website. I suggest you check out your prospective school's admission criteria there.
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