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    many years ago my father made a chemical garden im sure
    it was grown on coal, can any one sugest non lethal
    chemicals to use, it will be for my godson 8yrs old
    hopefully yours.
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  3. Wolram,

    Ithink I know what you're talking
    about. When I was a kid, they
    were called "Crystal Gardens".
    You put a bunch of crystals in
    water and they start growing like
    undersea coral type things.

    I'm almost positive they still
    make and sell kits with all these
    crystals. Call around to toys-
    stores. If you live in a city
    that has a science museum, you
    might check if there is a gift
    store associated with it. That's
    the place you'd be most likely
    to find one.

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    thanks zooby, im sure your correct about crystals,
    it must be 40yrs now but way back im sure coal was
    used to grow them on, anyways thanks for idea.
  5. They may, in fact, provide lumps
    of charcoal or something carbon-
    aceous with these kits, as the
    "soil" for growing your crystal
    "trees". If you had a good lump
    of coal to use instead it should
    work fine.

  6. You can make crystals from the following:
    Boric Acid
    Washing sode
    Baking soda
    Epsom Salts

    More exotic are:
    Zinc sulfate
    Copper sulate
    Ferrous sulfate

    etc are usually sold in crystal growing kits e.g.
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    As a kid, I remember making crystals out of sugar and food coloring. They didn't grow very big. I'm sure there are kits that make cooler samples.
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    many thanks sasha, i think i will buy a kit from the site
    you posted, my godson will be well chuffed:smile:
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