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School Suggestions

  1. Mar 1, 2009 #1
    I am scheduled to take the GRE next week. I've already taken a few of the practice tests provided by ETS. According to my last practice test, my scores were 510 for verbal and 700 for quantitative. My major is physics and my current GPA is 3.65. I'd like to get a PhD.

    My interests include applied research in the areas of nanoelectronics, photovoltaics, MEMS/NEMS, and biosensors.

    I would love to hear any suggestions on which schools might be a good fit for me. I would like to look at schools where I have a good chance at being admitted and where my research interests are well represented.

    Any ideas would be extremely helpful!
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    Vanadium 50

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    It will probably be easiest to answer that once you get your scores back. The practice test seems not to be that good a predictor of the real scores.
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    Your PGRE will help for making suggestions a whole lot more than GRE. Are you taking during April?
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    Most schools do not weight the general GRE all that much, though anything below a 700 on the Quantitative is proabably not a good sign. A much better indicator on where you would be a competitive application is your PGRE.
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    Thank you for your responses.

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am probably interested in an applied research degree, such as nanoscale science or materials science. These programs don't require the PGRE, so I haven't taken it.

    Actually, I haven't ruled out a PhD in physics, but finding statistical information for physics programs is very easy (mainly due to gradschoolshopper.com). It seems to be harder to find similar information about the applied programs, however. That's why I've created this thread.

    The school I'm looking at right now is the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at SUNY Albany. Though, I have no idea if my credentials are up to par. I haven't found any other schools that I'm interested in, so I was hoping that by generating this discussion I might get some ideas.
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