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School ugh

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    wow, what comes as a huge surprise is that im doing quite badly in ap physics. we just got our tests back and i was slaughtered due to really really dumb mistakes, its not that i dont get it but oh wow, to come against carelessness is most disheartening...

    physics is what i do... ugh in a huge slump


    whats to do with the fear... will being scared help next time... *sigh*
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    Awww...buck up little camper. Get a little more rest before the next exam (no late night cramming), eat a hardy breakfast and/or lunch (depending on when your class is), and just try to relax. Careless mistakes happen most when we're tired or jittery. Go over the test with your teacher too, just to make sure you really do understand everything and what you think is a careless mistake really is. Concepts in physics keep building upon one another, so if there's anything you didn't understand for the first test, now is the time to clarify that before the next one comes along. If it is all careless mistakes, then next time just make sure you check and double check your answers. Rather than let it get you down, which really won't help, let this give you the added energy to put double the effort into the next exam. At least it's your own carelessness, that's entirely in your own control to fix, far better than outside the classroom when people have to cope with OTHER people's carelessness. :wink:
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    I know how you feel. I just had a AP Physics test also (we had ours on Monday). I did not get it back yet but it was a really hard test and I probably did really bad.
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