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Schrodinger eqn and 1/2 spin

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    Hi all,

    In class Ive recently been taught the schrodinger equation and about spin(couple weeks apart). My questions are-

    1. In laymans terms, what exactly does the S-eqn mean? What I have taken it to be so far, is an equation that determines the probability of the position of an e- in "orbit" around the nucleus

    2. I get the full integer 1,2,3... spin, but what exactly does it physically mean to have 1/2 spin?

    I searched a bit for clear answers but have come up with nil so far =)
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    The Schrodinger equation is the quantum analogue of Newton's Second Law. It describes the evolution of a wavefunction ψ, where we intepret |ψ|2 as the probability density function for the particle.
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    spin 1/2 is just a number. Its the spin-angular momentum measured in units of [itex]\hbar[/itex]. That is, [itex]\hbar /2=5.272859\times 10^{-35}\;\text{joule}\cdot\text{sec}[/itex]. If something has spin 1/2 or half-integer spin it means the possible outcomes of measurements of spin for that thing are half-integers of hbar, like, 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, etc...
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