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News Schrodinger's Ass

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    Sometimes I feel that American Politics has gone the way of the mammoth. I cannot trust the Dems nor the Gops. And this whole Kerry in Vietnam War issue, with both sides screwing the facts so much the truth is permanently blurred, just put all of American Politics OUTSIDE THE BOX. The whole of American politics has becomes so stupid. For every issue, if one democrat or republican takes one side of an issue, his entire party HAS to agree and the other party HAS to disagree. It's like the Asses claiming Schrodinger's cat is alive, and the elephants claiming it's dead, without even looking. This is the new paradox that I call Schrodinger's Ass. :frown: :grumpy: :bugeye: :yuck:
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    But you see, the elephants have hired this hitman to secretly enter the box and "finish off" the cat in the dead of the night - and make it look like an accident. Hmmm...exciting wot ? Wonder what'll happen next ?
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    That's not my point. In Schrodinger's Ass, the ass and the elephant are screwing with the facts to defend a party member or discredit another party's members. Because of this, we will never know if the cat is alive or dead - one party will tell us it is alive, the other that it is dead.
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    Most people out there realize this, and hopefully, the young people who will go on to be the politicians of the future will try not to fall into this trap.
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    Yeah, that's true.

    You see the asses had a spy that photographed the elephants' hitman entering the box in the dead of the night. The photographs got released through an ass leak. But the elephants claim that it was really an ass hired actor made out to look like an elephants' hitman. So the asses should rot in Hell for deceiving the public.

    For all we know there was never a cat in the box ever; or perhaps the elephants' hitman let the cat out...

    Hey, I'm just kidding ! :biggrin: Welcome to the band of the secretly disenchanted ! Oops, we just let the secret out, eh ?
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    I like it, Semantics. I agree - the parties these days are just knee jerk reactions of each other. Real people don't fit into the mold (very few do, anyway): I'm a pro-choice, pro-gun control Republican, for example.
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    More like a commie bastard if you ask me :rofl:
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