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Schrodinger's Black Hole?

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    I was pondering the information paradox presented by Hawking and the recent attempt by him to resolve it. I don't completely understand his answer, but it does seem to imply that the information might be in some kind of superposition, especially since it can't be measured by the universe outside the event horizon. The observer outside the event horizon will never even see what happens to the poor soul inside(the poor soul seeing eternity flash before his eyes). This would make it like the box with the black cat where, until the box is opened, we can only guess what has happened inside. With black holes i would have suspected the box never opens, even with hawking radiation emiting random energy. But Hawking now begs to differ. My question is how does Hawking suggest we open this BH 'box' and get the information out? I just don't know what the man is saying.


    BTW: I'm not entirely sold on the 'information must be preserved' idea when it comes to a black hole.
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