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Schrodinger's cat

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    Consider Schrodinger's cat. In QM we say that the cat is alive and dead.(as we wrote them in Schrodinger's wave function)
    That's because nobody knows the cat's state.

    What if there is a poison-proof superman in the box with the cat or let's say there is a poison critical to cat but not to human. Of course this man would not do a thing with the cat's state but only tell the cat's state every regular time.
    Then what can we say?

    Am I asking a dumb thing here?
    Is this because we considered a 'cat' ? If we consider a photon or electron (something of which state could be changed only by measuring(this time actually looking at the cat), then can we say it in other way?

    Somebody help me out.
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    No. The cat is actually in both states at once.
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