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Schrodinger's pet.

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    Well i know how it goes with the saying.
    I have a question though.

    I have a scratch bingo ticket. I havent scratched it or anything. So essentially wouldnt all the results be in superposition? Until its scratched.

    Even though a computer somewhere knows if that ticket is a winner or not?
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    You may think of it this way, too. Maybe there's a video cam and someone watching it and knowing for sure if the cat's alive or not...:tongue2:

    If this wasn't serious, it would be really funny.

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    If you are trying to be cute, think again.

    If you are DEAD serious, then you have learned NOTHING from that other thread on the 2-slit experiment. You STILL somehow think that quantum mechanical description applies to decoherent classical objects. I strongly suggest you address THAT first before opening another can of worms that have already been opened numerous times.

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