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Schrödinger equation: P(r)>1 ?

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    Schrödinger equation: P(r)>1 ???

    I have the solution of the Schrödinger equation for the ground state of the hydrogen electron. The solution ist:


    If I want to calculate some probabilty values I do this with:


    If I set r=10^-13 I get a value that is greater than 1, I get P(10^-13)=10^34.

    This cannot be. Whats wrong with my probability formula?
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    P is a probability... density. To get the probability that it lies in a region, you need to integrate over that region.
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    With what function are the graphs plotted? (I mean one like this:
    http://panda.unm.edu/courses/finley/P262/Hydrogen/img106.gif [Broken])

    But to calculate the charge distribution of the electron I can take:


    thanks for your help
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    I'm not familiar with those graphs -- I might look at the Bernoulli or Airy functions, but if it's not them, I don't think I could guess. (Also, I think I've read that the Airy functions appear in dealing with the hydrogen atom)
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