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Schrödinger's Dachshund

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    I'm publishing a novel titled SCHRÖDINGER’S DACHSHUND. In it, a physics student goes around the bend from figuring out the existential consequences of many-worlds scenarios. This is eclectic literary fiction, but I'd like to check with card-carrying physicists about something:

    1) Is it compatible with at least one many-worlds scenario that when Maestoso the Dachshund chose between taking a nap or not, the universe split in two? In one, he napped. In the other he didn't.

    2) If this be true, the residents of one of the worlds were creatio ex Dachshund. They “owe” their existence to the actions of a hound in another dimension.

    3) It is possible that this is our world. Our universe was created by Maestoso the Dachshund.

    Determining whether 3 is good news or bad news may constitute the greatest intellectual challenge of all time. That's why I use fiction to grapple with Big Questions. The physicist in SCHRÖDINGER’S DACHSHUND develops a religion around this discovery. Who can blame him?

    Generally speaking, how compatible are 1, 2, 3 with many-worlds scenarios?
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    I think the most reasonable number of splits happening in any one instant depends on the number of possible "states" of each point of space-time and the number of points. There are good reasons (whether they are correct or not is a different question) to belive the fundamental length of a point is about 1E-35 meters, making a point the cube of that, or about 1E-104 m^3. If you assume each point is independent and can be one of the 61 elementary particles (probably not right) then the possible states are 61^(1E+104) per cubic meter. So, limiting us to a volume about 10000m cubed (the Earth) you need to change that to 61^(1E116) per Planck time unit, which is about 1E-44 seconds. Or there are about 61^(1E116) splits in an instant and 1E44 times that in a second. Feel free to reduce the 61 to a lesser number anything between 2 and ∞ is possible, but hey, if you want try 1.00000000001, it won't matter.
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    According to Many-worlds, each world is the product of many billions of choices like that. You are now living in a universe created by my choice to respond to you. Worship will be generously accepted- no human sacrifices please.
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