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Schrödingers Eqn -- why is space in the orbitals between the clusters of probability blank

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    So, im kind of learning QM on my own, and through my chemistry book. It doesnt explain any further than the shapes of orbitals, and im wondering did anyone found out why is space in the orbitals between the clusters of probability blank.
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    I think there is no simple answer to that question which would not require advanced mathematics appearing when one explicitly solves the Schrodinger equation.
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    That's the result that you get when you solve Schrodinger's equation for electrons moving under the influence of the Coulomb force between them and the nucleus. If you google for "Schrodinger equation hydrogen atom" you'll find many derivations of this result for hydrogen, which is the simplest case - one electron whose mass is small compared with that of the nucleus. (You'll also find out why your chemistry book doesn't go into these details :smile:)

    If you're asking if there's some deeper mechanism that says it has to come out this way, that's tantamount to asking why the universe works according to Schrodinger's equation, and science can't answer that question.
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    not really into spending time in learning new math right now.. i got an university entrance examination to pass :D . Thanks anyways. I will look into it later when i have time.
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