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Schroedinger's Equation for Electromagnetic field induced by charged wire

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    Greetings all!

    I'm completely new to Quantum Mechanics (my PhD research is in Computer Vision) and I am planning to apply some concepts to my research.

    I would like to know whether it's possible to get the Wave Equation over the components of a [itex]\mathbf{B}=(B_\phi,B_r,B_z)[/itex] field induced by a straight infinite wire charged with current density [itex]\mathbf{j}[/itex]. I.e [itex]\Psi(B_\phi,B_r, B_z)[/itex]. Basically I want the quantum solution to the classical problem of finding the induced B field by a charged wire of infinite length.

    Is this something heard of? If so does anyone have a reference/lead?

    I'm assuming QED deals with particles that enter such electromagnetic fields and the wave function is over the postion/impulse of the particles and not the field components at a particular position. Is this correct?

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