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Schrödinger's equation

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    I went through a whole calculus book and I didn't find anything that resembled sch eq. I specifically wanted to learn about that. What do you think the chapter will be called that introduced the math necessary for sch eq? Maybe it's in multivariable calculus.
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    Well you'll probably be hard pressed to find a physics concept in a math text :P

    Dealing with Schrodinger's equations involves mathematics beyond calculus. You need to know partial differential equations and linear algebra to get into the uses of Schrodinger's Equations.
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    thanks, that's what I needed to know. By the way, what's the difference between vector calculus and linear algebra.
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    Linear Algebra - Deals with equations and transformations, all in one variable

    Vector Calculus - Deals with Calculus in 3D. - Its nothing but multivariable calculus!

    and you are never going to find Schrodinger eqn derivation in a math book. Look for it in a Post Grad's Physics book. or here is a link. Its not easy to understand the derivation at the first go, but never give up. You'll understand it after a day or two(to be very optimistic). Nevertheless, best of luck.


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