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Schuam's Outlines and ap books

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    has anyone used these books for supplements? I'm looking preferably at college physics and calculus. I want less theory and more problem solving, do these books help?
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    Absolutely. I love the Schaum's series. When I took mathematical stats, the text we used was so bad, we switched over to the Schaum's book. Most math professor I talk to all say they used the old school Schaum's books along the way. So yeah, good investments for problems, a bit short on theory.

    As for the calculus one, never used it, my text had enough problems & for theory I used The Calculus Lifesaver. As for college physics, again my text had plenty of problems but I also used the Schaum's book now & then. The problem was however that this particular text had a good many typos & some of the answers were clearly wrong as well. As a supplement, I used the textbook study guides (University Physics series) which had more problems.
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    Schuam is wonderful. When I learn something new, I would read a Schuam outline before looking at a "real" book. However, take it with a grain of salt since they are usually filled with A LOT of errors , in general
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