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Schur decomposition ambiguity

  1. Apr 22, 2009 #1
    Wikipedia defines the Shur decomposition of matrix A as

    A = Q U Q^{-1}

    where Q is unitary and U is upper triangular.


    Mathworld defines the Shur decomposition of matrix A as

    Q^H A Q = T,

    where Q is unitary and T is upper triangular.


    Because Q is unitary, the inverse is the same as the conjugate transpose...but they still seem like completely different definitions because the matrix is either on the inside or the outside. What's the truth?
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    Since Q^H = Q^-1, you have

    Q Q^H A Q = Q T
    Q Q^-1 A Q = Q T
    I A Q = Q T
    A Q = Q T
    A Q Q^-1 = Q T Q^-1
    A I = Q T Q^-1
    A = Q T Q^-1
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    Wow, I feel stupid for not noticing that! Thanks
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    A is just a change of basis, I'd recommend reviewing change of basis in lin alg
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