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I Schwarzschild Radius of Known Universe

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    Including dark matter but not including dark energy, what's the Schwarzschild radius of the known universe? Actually, let me put it another way. What's the SR of all the matter and energy thought to be created at the Big Bang? So that would include not just all the matter we see but also all the matter and antimatter that was created and subsequently annihilated itself. And furthermore, how does this SR compare to the radius of the universe when inflation ended/regular ol' accelerated expansion commenced? Are they the same, close, or way off?
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    It doesn't have one. The universe is not an isolated distribution of matter surrounded by emptiness, which is the only configuration of matter (or spacetime) that the concept "Schwarzschild radius" can be applied to. (The more technical way of saying this is that the universe is not asymptotically flat, so there's no way to assign it a "mass" that you could plug into the formula for the Schwarzschild radius.)
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