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Schwarzschild radius

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    I have a problem with the formula for obtaining the Schwardzchild's radius. Karl Schwardzchild substituted the speed of light in the escape velocity's formula for a body to obtain the Rc(critical radius as he called it). He used this form the proven deduction that light is the speed limit for the universe and that even light won't escape the earth's gravitational pull. Now, if we are to solve the Rc equation for C, we have 2GM/Rc, where Cshould be the escape velocity. But in the Ve equation, if an object is moving with the velocity of Ve, it escapes the massive object's gravitational field, but even with the Ve which is C in the Rc equation, an object cannot escape the massive object's gravitational field. this should mean that C was used as a limit to calculate the limiting radius. But with our knowledge of the radii of superneutron stars or whatever can crumble into a blackhole, we can calculate C' (Ve of blackhole-some value greater than C).

    We can use the equation C'^2=C^Rc/r where C' is some value greater than C or escape speed of teh blackhole, C is the speed of light, Rc is the critical radius and r is radius before it crumbled into a blackhole.

    With things constant and a blackhole is not absorbing other matters, speeds greater than C will b attainable with this equation but how will objects be made to obtain these speeds greater that light is still the question.

    If anyone has an idea on this, pls let's discuss it
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    I sent this article and later I found another problem. Though the equation of the escape velocity of the blackhole I postulated is compatible with substitutions and dimensional analysis, we find out that the escape velocity now will always be less than the speed limit of the speed of Light which is not in conformation with the theory of blackholes suggested by schwardzschild and einstein. can somebody look at this and tell me what is happening please. this is extremely puzzling
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