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Schwarzshild black hole

  1. Mar 21, 2010 #1
    Is it possible to see an object falling into Schwarzshild black hole? I know that it's
    imposibble in finite time for stationary observer (the observer who see the metric
    stationary) but it maybe is possible for observer who is not stationary (has this
    observer to fall into black hole?).
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    It isn't possible for an external observer to "see" any object cross an Event Horizon, and all Schwarzschild BHs have 'em! You'd see an endless redshift, of no comfort to the infalling bugger, who would notice nothing special as he passed from this into... that. (assuming an ideal "astronaut" who can survive the forces at play)

    EDIT: Well, if you could fall into the BH, past the EH WITH the "Astronaut" then yes, you would share their experience. The problem of course is that you'd share their fate, and be unable to relate the tale! :wink:
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