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Sci-fi novels

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    anybody know any good "hard " sci-fi novels on time travel? Preferably the kind discussing the philosophical implications of time travel , and/or incorporate Godel Universe and Einstein General theory of relativity into its plot.:smile:
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    I already have his book. Any similar books?
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    'The Proteus Operation' by James P. Hogan is one of the best that I've ever read.
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    Chi Meson

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    The "Ender" series of books by Orsen Scott Card are classic SF which incorporate a mostly correct interpretation and use of relativistic time dilation. There is no travel into the past and no faster than light travel.

    There are a few science fiction-y unexplained technological leaps regarding instantaneous communication (Impossible according to SR & GR) and the final book in the series, Xenocide, ends with the one of the worst cases of Deus ex machina combined with low-end SF "magic," otherwise Card is very careful with the science, philosophy, and history in his books.
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