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Sci.physics.strings has now been created

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    The recently approved new usenet newsgroup sci.physics.strings has now been created and the first discussions are already under way. The new group may not have been noticed by all newsservers yet, but apparently by most of them already. It may take up to a week or so until sci.physics.strings is listed at google groups.

    For more information see the group's homepage
    http://schwinger.harvard.edu/~motl/sps/ [Broken]
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    my news server isn't carrying it yet. Hurry up, dangit!
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    Is it NNTP enabled? If so we can tap into it here on PF.
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    Sorry, I don't know. What does it mean for a newsgroup to be NNTP enabled? Isn't all of usenet somehow based on NNTP?
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    I think I ment NNRP instead. I guess it's a protocal that lets someone tap into the server without subscribing and read the messages. If sci.physics.strings is NNRP enabled then we can stream the messages into PF.
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    No news is not good news


    My server doesn't yet have sps either. Is there any other way we can access it until the admins get their act together? :)

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    How can I find out if sci.physics.strings is NNRP enabled? If it is, what would have to be done? Could we just try and see if it works?

    I am moderating sci.physics.strings, but the inner workings of USENET are a world of their own and I only understand very little about it.
  9. Apr 5, 2004 #8
    I see that you got this feature to work. Thanks! :)

    My question is, what happens if I post a response to sci.physics.strings through PF? Will that make it to USENET? Or should I mail a reply directly to the moderators (following some instructions I'm sure I can find on their web page)?

    If I mail a reply, how can I make sure that my response (which is a response to someone else's post) gets properly referenced to the correct thread?

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    Great many thanks for making s.p.s available here on PF!!

    Since Google Groups still doesn't feature sps and many news servers apparently don't do either, this is very helpful.

    (Apparently things may improve on 15th of April, because then the new updated list of USENET newsgroups is issued officially.)

    But I have one question: What happens to replies to sps threads which are composed here at PF? Are these posts automatically submitted to sps?

    I am asking because apparently lehte's greeting message didn't get through to us.
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    Hi Eric -

    (and everybody interested in contributing to sps).

    Until we have solved this problem please just send submissions to sps to


    (see http://schwinger.harvard.edu/~motl/sps/ [Broken] )

    and note at the beginning of your message to which post precisely you are replying. We will then try to inject your message at the correct position in the thread hierarchy.
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