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Sciecne or god?

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    this is definitely not another "right brained" view because i know how much you guys love thous lol, and hopefully my opinion doesn't come across as being an illogical romantic one. So the age old problem for physicists is trying to figure out how the universe started. generally speaking, we know what the universe does because when it is faced with a situation more than once in which all of the variables are the same, the outcome is the same... for example, i press down on the gas pedal in my car (sorry Al Gore) and my car accelerates in a certain direction, or lets say I through a baseball at 20km/h in a vacuum, it will always behave in the same way after i through it. Unfortunately we don't know how the universe manages to do it or why it does it instead of doesn't do it. One of the worlds greatest geniuses, Albert Einstein, came up with similar conclusions about how the universe began, he described what it did but not really how or why it did it... the big bang just happened... there was nothing then everything and it was really small and now its getting really big. then their is the "big bounce" theory which I personally see as a good example of what happens when you have a group of geniuses that cant solve a problem so need to come up with something that makes scene in theory (maybe). I see the super string theory as a working model but not the right one... like going out your back door to get to your front yard, it works but its not really "right" but then again that's only my opinion so don't read too much into it. so back to the god or science theme... what makes Einstein's "nothing became everything" more valid than religion's "some guy named god did it"? at least the religion argument involves cause and affect. Einstein's version is basically religion minus god and "the universe started and is expanding" in it's place. the fact that the universe is expanding is based on the fact that galaxies seem to be getting further away from ours more often than not but this could be explained by something like... galaxies change size because matter acts differently in different regions in the universe so atoms change size or something. don't take that one seriously because its unlikely and i just made it up on the spot but you get the point of the example. in the end... the only working model for the cause of the creation universe is based on religion and that is that the universe was created by god and its proved because god said so! thou "god says so" is not the most logical answer and one that will never satisfy my curiosity, it seems to be just as valid as the other unprovable theories... well until you die of course and if religion is right then were all damned to hell lol.
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