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    This is from White Wolf:

    The control plan was to protect humanity from the side-effects of
    their own superstitions, from the chaos and destruction posed by
    dragons and whatnot roaming free. The age of reason, the triumph of
    science and technology and the industrial revolution were all part
    of this plan.

    They told humanity that magic did not exist, and that space was cold
    and dead and devoid of angels. So that's what it became.

    The other traditions -- the wizards and shamans and witches and
    alchemists, and even various groups of small-minded religious
    zealots -- lost both influence and power until their magick became
    disruptive to the new, more streamlined and limited reality imposed
    on earth the controllers.

    Those in control weren't evil per se, but eventually turned into a
    dictatorship with their idea of a dull, uninspiring technology as
    the only magic left -- or, more precisely: what little crude
    technology and science they actually allowed the masses to use and
    think. In this world, mundane scientists are merely scratching at
    the surface of a jealously guarded truth.

    Not all factions within the scientific world were happy with this
    new, restrictive reality. The Frankenstein-type mad scientists, and
    such, responsible for quantum theory and the new type Virtual Adepts
    (basically glorified hackers and cyberpunks) have already turned
    against the controllers and sided with the old ways in recognition
    of the traditions, while the puppet-masters behind NASA-style space
    exploration -- might just follow.

    For now, the controllers are still dangerous in that their goal is
    to close the doors on the "other" worlds once and for all
    by "discovering" and leaking news of said discovery -- that, while
    there might just be aliens out there, these will pose a threat to
    humanity rather than spiritual enrichment.

    They're ambitious and reckless: when the technology allowed us to
    (publicly) land on the moon, we actually, and of course
    accidentally, opened a portal to portals which put all sorts of wild
    ideas into the minds of people (including the scientists
    themselves) -- that was in 1969, after all.

    I love how the controllers make everything fall into place: The
    scientists unwilling to postpone their plans for space travel, were
    punished with the fall of Skylab, and later the Challenger explosion
    and more. The space program has been set back and people have begun
    to fear space travel. So much for the portal to spiritual
    awareness. (.....)
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    Mildly interesting idea for a bit of fantasy fiction.

    When will it be out in our local bookstores?
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    A dragon will deliver a copy to your doorway soon !
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