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Science and misunderstanding

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    Science is very open to misunderstanding, misteaching. Any teacher can ask questions which -only- include chance, not creativity or knowledge. This is evident in maths.
    Science is a good thing but only in good hands. Otherwise it can only be a torture. But why? What makes science so "elastic"?
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    I think these statements would remain valid if one substituted 'X' for 'science', where X is any subject of depth and significance.
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    What kind of questions is the particular teacher asking?
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    If teaching methods and the subject is going to help the learner (mentally or material), the only wrong thing is the learner's laziness or density of the course. This case is easy to understand and solve. Be hardworking or select another course if you can etc.
    But if the teacher does not spend any effort to make the subject more understandable then it is in the book, and her/him questions were so hard in a way that prevents you from wide creative thinking of your peers in the other parts of the world, and all of this happens in a school which all of your countrry's youth want to study, what is the problem? But this was not what I previously asked.
    The problem is creativity. You lose your creativity (and respect to science) in this kind of education system.
    Giving examples is easy. Geometry which cannot be seen etc.
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    I realise now that you are conflating science and the teaching of a science subject.

    I don't know if there are any means to insure that something gets learned except to open the door to a large quantity of resources that supplement classroom work. This would be in libraries, on the internet, in software packages and in laboratories.

    You seem to bemoan mathematics teaching in particular.
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