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Science based games for children

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I couldn't really find a forum in which this problem could fit so I try to post it here.
I have to prepare a science based (physics, math, chemistry) game/competition for children aged 9-13. It should be about some funny and exciting experiments, solving various problems in mentioned fields. The problem is I'm out of ideas. I was thinking about doing something with ciphers and cryptography, maybe to make some simple steam engine for a boat and then race, ... something like that,...
Does anybody have a good idea for this kind of games?
Internet resources would be also helpful.
Thanks a lot.
Personally I would go dangerous and see what explosion could be made and why. Using teh chemisrty side of things really.

I did have to do this idea myself but I ended up doing a maths board game that involved going back [tex]\sqrt[3]{2^2 \times 2}[/tex] times. It was pants.

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