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Science Clubs

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    There is a Science Olympiad team at my school, but no real science club, so I was thinking of forming one. However, to be honest, I don't really know what people do at science clubs. I was thinking we could do some interesting experiments, but I'm not sure what else, if anything. I'm thinking that it should just be a general science club and not anything specialized like a physics club (which I doubt anyone besides myself would show up for). Any suggestions?
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    train for a science competition,
    raise money and take a science related field trip,
    start an interesting project like robot/model rocket/electronics or anything you can agree on,
    offer tutoring in the sciences, which would be incentive for the school to fund you

    Find a willing faculty sponsor, and see their opinion
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    There are competitions other than the Olympiad, like the Science Bowl and the International Science Fair
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    Look into first tech challenge. It requires relatively little in funding for a robotics program ~$1000.00, and is really fun to work on. Our school also has a club which is pretty much a lab class. If you have a teacher who would be willing to conduct such sessions, do it.

    At my school, the first step is to find faculty who'll be willing to let you use their room after school, etc. Just ask your science teacher about forming a club.

    You should also recruit students. Ask your friends if they would be interested in your club. Hold a planning meeting with a few friends who are willing to help, and get the club organized.

    Announce it to the school body once you have it started up.
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    Building something like a robot would definitely be fun, but I'm not sure where to start to learn how to build one. Are there any good books/websites?
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    Other science competitions (look at the AAPT website for a few in physics).

    What about outreach to elementary school students? I'm thinking of suggesting this as an option to my high school science students next year. Putting together a fifteen to thirty minute "neat science" presentation might be very welcome in the early grades. Bonus points if you create themed presentations that mesh with the elementary teachers' planned curriculum.
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