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Science experiment ideas?

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    Does anybody have any good ideas for easy science experiments? I have a proposal due tomarrow for a science experiment. I'ts a 7th grade science class, but i've just been coming up with ideas that are way to complex and ahead of the class. I need smoething simple, yet shows good understanding of the topic. HELP!!!
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    ..What's the topic?
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    any topic

    It can be any topic I want, but I'm looking for something in physics or chemistry.
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    Hmmm... seventh grade.

    How about something like Newton's laws of motion?

    Or maybe follow Galileo and determine the reason why a disc and a thin metal hoop roll down an inclined plane at different speeds.

    - Warren
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    Look up stuff on the internet. You are bound to find hundreds of ideas to choose from. I think in the General Physics forum someone asked the same question; maybe you'll want to check that out.

    Good luck!
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