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Science Fair Project - HELP!

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    First off, I didnt know where to put this so I just stuck in where I though it seemed to go best (i didnt really want to put it in the homework section).

    Here's my problem:

    My teacher is making us (my 8th grade class) do individual science fair projects and compete them at the regional state competition. I want to win. So in order to do that I wanted to do something that caught peoples attention, so I though "hmmm....how about quantum mechanics, or particle physics". So I started doing some research on some quantum mechanics science fair projects, and I saw the project where you perform the dual slit experiment with a laser pointer and such, and this would be OK, but I still want something a little...more difficult to do. And there is also one other problem, we have to form a hypothesis and such, and I want to do something that isnt very generic. Some ideas I had...

    1) When I thought of the dual slit experiment it made me think about how they detect the photons in the experiment (how do they do this exactly?) and I though i could try observing how different mediums effects the wave pattern created when two slits are open.

    2) Thats it. I know its sad thats all I can think of at the moment, but im in 8th grade and dont have super high mathematical skill, can someone please give me some general ideas for me to think about? I would be very thankfull for help.
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    I'm not sure how much we can help you. You are the only one who knows exactly how much you know and how difficult something would be for you. I see nothing wrong with the double slit experiment using a laser. Do you understand the reasons behind the way it works?
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    I understand how it works...but Im trying to think of some variables to use becuase we have to use the scientific process :/

    So far all I have thought of is using different mediums between the laser and the slits, or maybe perform the experiement at different speeds
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