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My son is wanting to build a gravity fed water fountain that shoots 20 feet up in the air for his science fair project only problem is neither one of us knows where to start or what to use to build this. Was hoping someone would help?

Thank you
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Welcome to FP.

Have you had a look at real-life gravity-fed water fountains?

Note: if the only energy source is gravity, then your reservoir will have to be more than 20' above the ground. Though I suppose you could use a stream. Start with a clear description of what you want to achieve and the constraints that must be followed.

Since this is a science fair - you really want to try for an experiment: what are you testing?

1. What is a science fair project?

A science fair project is a hands-on experiment or investigation that follows the scientific method to answer a question or test a hypothesis. It allows students to explore and learn about a specific topic in science and present their findings to a wider audience.

2. How do I choose a topic for my science fair project?

Choosing a topic for a science fair project can be challenging, but it should be something that interests you and can be tested through experimentation. Think about your favorite subjects in science and brainstorm ideas that you would like to explore further.

3. What are the steps to completing a science fair project?

The steps to completing a science fair project include choosing a topic, conducting background research, forming a hypothesis, designing and carrying out an experiment, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and presenting the project. It is important to follow the scientific method and have a clear plan in order to have a successful project.

4. How can I make my science fair project stand out?

To make your science fair project stand out, you can choose a unique topic, conduct thorough research, use creative and visually appealing displays, and have a well-organized and informative presentation. You can also add extra elements such as hands-on demonstrations or interactive components to engage your audience.

5. Where can I find help with my science fair project?

There are many resources available for help with science fair projects, including online websites, books, and your science teacher. You can also reach out to professionals in the field or ask for advice from older students who have completed science fair projects in the past. Remember to always ask for help when needed and don't be afraid to seek guidance from others.

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