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    This seems to be a fairly common question. Lets make a list of possible topics and projects someone could do for these competitions.
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    See the last post in this thread:

    The first website has science project ideas, and the second has a tutorial on how to write a good project report. If anyone finds more like them, you know where to send 'em.
  4. In 6th grade, I did one called something like "How effectively do 6th graders wash their hands?" and I used the GlowBug stuff with the black light and so on. I did tests using people in my class. I got 1st at Regionals- I got a medal, and like a $10 savings check or something. It was a lot of fun.
  5. Make a engine that runs on gravity :wink:
  6. Rocks and Minerals

    Or you can search why different sands of different colors in the same area don't mix together. In other words why do you see in the desert white sand, black sand and red sand side by side. I mean the sand storms don't seem to effect this well-incorporated separation of different sands.

    I got this idea when I was doing a science fair project on rocks and minerals. I had many minerals and rocks that I had collected on a family trip to the Sahara, among my collection there were even arrowheads. Well, I thought I had covered the topic completely when, one person came up to me and asked me this very same question. Of course I mute because I never thought of the idea before.

    So I thought someone would be interested. Hope, I was helpful.
  7. What about Thomas Young's double slit experiment, along with an introduction of wave phenomenal?
  8. how about Milken's Oil Drop Experiment? joking
  9. I always liked sodium bicarb and vinegar.
  10. I know that this project is one that involves quite a bt of work but what about doing a project where you research and actually make an alternate fuel like biodiesel?
  11. Environmental Projects

    You could do an environmental project if there is an environmental problem that your area has. For example, if your area suffers frequent droughts or shortages, you could find new ways to acquire water, like condensation.
    With these, you sometimes get brownie points for helping your community too.
  12. Make some chemical and biological tests of your nearby creek or river.
  13. Or build a blimp.
    This one requires some planning skizzills. It is also educational in more than just science, also in project planning and time/money management.
  14. An electroscope is an easy project to make and to demonstrate static electricity. A jar w/lid , nylon string, foil and tape is basically all the materials that would needed.

    A web search for electroscope will yield plenty of results for various designs. One I saw just used a jar w/lid, paper clip, and two small strips of foil. Couldn't be simpler.
  15. I've always wanted to try a little project of my own. It would take a week or so to start it up, but hey, science didn't happen over night.

    I wanted to make a bacteria culture (or a few of them). Maybe grow them in my garage. I'd have to make a little stable box to keep them in. ... find some little petri dishes and whatnot.

    Then, using different household objects (not cleaning supplies; that's cheating), I'd try to make my own sanitizer. (I was thinking ... food items. Like onions, vinager, lemon juice. You know ... just normal stuff you'd find in the pantry.)

    I'd apply a bit to each culture and see what kills what and how long it takes. My chemistry teacher would love me to pieces.

    But still, there are some questions left. Like ... where do you get the bacteria? Dad's mouth when he first wakes up in the morning? Should I grow some nice pretty green mold? :shrugs: Sounds fun, any way you do it. :smile:
  16. What about some ideas for mathematics projects? We seldom hear about those. Right now, I am particularly interested in mathematics that involve computers.
  17. This is stupid, but...

    What about, Does the Architecture of a house affect how you sleep?

    Um.. I know more, but not really Math like. I'm not that into the science fair stuff, but my friend did a project about germs and she won an award.
  19. fun bomb idea

    We did this in our class at school-- we modeled it out to the exact details on how to build
    what materials we would need
    where we would get them from
    then drew out a blue print

    The amount of research was intense for a math and science center for 2 weeks for 70 people, although it would be a nice project the amount of time needed to do a good job may be more than most can give.
  20. One of my more favorite projects that I have done is the glowing pickle. It is fairly simple to construct and is very interesting. The project consists of two test tube racks (or something to suspend the pickle in the air), an apparatus for applying 110 volts AC (I just used a standard dimmer switch and plugged it in a wall outlet), and a pickle. You apply the voltage and see a glowing pickle.

    Simply stated, when a current is run through the pickle, electrons in the NaCl will emit a bright yellow. This project demonstrates the principle behind the different colors of fireworks.

    Also there are several variations to this project. For example, if you soak the pickle in a potassium chloride for about a week, the yellowish glow becomes a more fainter pink.
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