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Homework Help: Science Fair Project, please help!

  1. Jan 16, 2006 #1
    My science fair project is basically making a game. In this game you pick up diamonds, and the objective is to pick all 10 of them up in the least amount of time.

    My theory is that teens will have lesser time than adults, but i dont know how to put this in a 'physics/science' way.

    I also have to find articles proving this, but i dont know what keyword to search for!

    If anyone can be so kind as to suggest how i can turn this idea into a good topic, i will appreciate it!

    thanks in advance.
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    First ask yourself why you believe this would actually happen.

    Why would the teen time be less than the adult time?

    The answer to this question should also give you some ideas for a keyword search.
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