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Science fair.

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    sorry if this isn't the place for this.
    for a science fair on hovercrafts. would the problem be something like needing a method of reducing friction between the vehicle and the surface it's running on.
    so would the hypothesis be something like 'air can act as a fricition reducing lubricant'
    thank you for your help.
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    I've never heard air referred to as a lubricant before, but that's one way of looking at it. There are air-bearings for high-speed applications. In a hovercraft, however, the air is more of a support system in place of wheels, wings, etc.. The only friction involved is in the area of the skirt that's in contact with the ground. (And air resistance, if you want to think of that as friction.) There are a few discussions about the subject over in the Engineering section if you want to run a search for them.
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