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Science in comics

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    I've just received vol. 1 and vol. 2 of TV (Century) 21 (comic strips) reprints.


    Volume 1:

    Fireball - The Astran Assassination
    Thunderbirds - Chain Reaction
    Stingray - The haunting of Station 17
    Captain Scarlet - The Football King
    Lady Penelope - The Luveniam Affair
    T'birds - The Devil's Crag
    Zero X - Planet of Bones
    S'ray - Superjunk
    T'birds - Starbust
    Capt. Scarlet - Leviathan

    Volume 2:

    FB - The Gian Ant Invasion
    S'ray - Monster Weed Menace
    T'birds - Operation Depthprobe
    Zero X - Prisoners of the Eye-Leaves
    Capt. Scarlet - Fermicide
    T'birds - Curse of the Elastos
    FB - Planet of Fire
    Lady P - The Androids of London Affair
    T'birds - Secret of the Iceberg
    FB - The Silent Colony
    Capt. Scarlet - The Beginning of the End

    I remember almost all Zero X strips from childhood. The two episodes reproduced in these volumes are among the best; I wish they had more Zero X's.

    Lady Penelope is just fabulous; she is driven in a pink RR with 6 wheels ("Fab 1"), and yachts around in "Fab 2" (which carries Fab 1). [If this were ever to be made into a movie, it would be a perfect role for Paris Hilton to play, IMO.]

    Anyone old enough to remember these?

    The spacecrafts appear to travel far, to places like "Astro-sector 40" that can display unusual planet formations and life forms.

    "Prisoners of the Eye-Leaves" features "Freak ringed planets" -- a pair of identical-looking planets, except (1) each one looks like an onion ring (or a donut, or bagel), and (2) they are intertwined. The intelligent life form on the planets is a plant that looks like a tobacco leaf with a single eye on it. Not only do they capture and enslave humans, strips of film capturing their images come alive and writhe about like snakes, which I find implausible but not impossible.
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