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Science Job Salary Resources

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    Wow. So astronomers make 100k con average?
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    Sounds pretty sweet right! Time to study up!
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    60K for experienced electrical engineers? Where do I find those? We pay over $100k for anyone with more than a few years experience.
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    That's incredible... Anyone in the field have insight as to why that is so high comparatively? I've seen some pretty shocking cases of misrepresentation in salary surveys before, so I can't help but wonder..
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    Note that statistic is about people employed as astronomers, not people with astronomy degrees. Most people with astronomy degrees don't become astronomers.
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    If you look at the "statistics" tab, you will see that they have very little data for astronomers (compared to physicists). Small numbers of data points means large fluctuations in those points.
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    It says for Electrical Engineer 1, which basically means relative beginner.

    Also keep in mind that a salary that is $60,000 in Cleveland may be the same as a $100,000 salary in New York city. (Same $800 apartment in Cleveland could cost $3,000 per month in New York City)
    In other words, you can have identical life styles with two different salaries comparing two different states.
    Noting the cost to live in your city is vital when comparing two different salaries from two different states.

    The links above give the median average across the USA which can be misleading.
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    very true, the whole point of salary.com is to use the zip code feature
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    Is this before or after taxes?
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