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Science master programme

  1. Jul 17, 2006 #1
    In September im starting a Science master programme in fundamental physics. Its 1.5 year long and its the final part of my 4.5 year physics education.
    After this im thinking about continuing with a PhD.
    Now is the time for me to choose which field i want to work in.

    Some suggested tracks with recommended courses are:

    1. Theoretical particle physics, string theory and cosmology
    (quantum mechanics 2, advanced classical physics, quantum field theory, gravitation and cosmology, symmetry and group theory, string theory, astroparticle physics).

    2. Theoretical condensed matter physics
    (quantum mechanics 2, advanced classical physics, condensed matter physics, symmetry and group theory, quantum matter: coherence and correlations).

    3. Experimental subatomic physics
    (quantum mechanics 2, experimental physics: spectroscopic methods, quantum field theory, atomic and molecular physics, advanced subatomic physics, astroparticle physics).

    4. Experimental atomic and molecular physics
    (quantum mechanics 2, experimental physics: spectroscopic methods, atomic and molecular physics).

    So far i have read a lot of math and im pretty good in mathematical physics. Im interested in astrophysics and quantum physics. With this in mind track nr. 1 should be the best?
    But i have no idea if general relativity or string theory is to hard for me.:confused:
    I have received the highest grade in almost every course so far but still has been a lot of things i havent fully understood i think. Maybe thats what making me insecure about if this track is too hard.

    I have read a course in condensed matter physics which was pretty boring. Different crystals, free-electron model and stuff like that.
    What kind of research is going on in this field?

    Regarding track 3,4 i think these are easier, both to understand and to
    stay at the university to pursue an academic career.
    But im more interested in the theoretical part of physics tho.

    Any comments? I need some guidance.
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