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Medical Science of Dreams

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    Scientests once thought that when you dream it's the same part of the brian that percieves sights,sounds,etc that's awkened in sleeptime just that it's getting any infor from the eyes and ears . With no external info it makes up scenes and colors of it's own.

    From what I'm hearing it's another part of our brin that we don't use normally. I wonder, is it our subconscious minf. I like to imagine our mind as a circle. In the center draw a smaller circle. That's our conscious mind. THe rest outside the inner circe is the conscious min. MOst of our mind is unconscious. WHat if you were to wake it up? Is this what's happening during psychdellic trips?

    But dreams are different. The conscious mind is inactive and the subconcious is. SO we are thinking and percieving without our inner circle. This lives anll the parts of the sunconcious mind unconnected and organized wince we don't use it mornally. Is this why dreams are crazy and don't make sense?

    In other words are dreams your subconscious trying to communicate things or find things out?
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    I guess dreaming is an uninteresting portion of neuroscience.
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    Hey, it's the Holidays for many of the PF folks. Here's some Holiday reading for you:


    Now I'll go back to sleep for a while. See if I can get back into that dream I was having.....
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