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Science or engineering

  1. Dec 18, 2014 #1
    I wanted to do chemical engineering at a particular uni but was ineligible to enter any of the engineering programs (lets call this uni A). I have 2 options since that uni A is the only uni in my location which offers chem eng.
    1) Major in chemistry at uni A and take similar units as chem eng and then transfer after one year. Or do BE & Bsc
    2) Another option is to take mechanical engineering at another uni (uni B) then transfer after one year to chem eng at uni A after one year (or even dual major in BEMech and BSc chem and transfer to take extra credit to uni A?).
    Which option would be better? I know my parents probably want me to go to uni A since they're slightly caught up in its prestige factor, but uni B is a technical uni with brand new facilities. (costs are the same for both unis since they're regulated by the government)
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    I don't know that either option is necessarily better. Both seem reasonable based on what you've written.

    The question of *why* you were ineligible for the program you wanted comes to mind though. If you're not eleigble now, what will make you eligible later? And does either path facilitate that better than the other?
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    Nvm I've decided to do BSc first year then transfer to BScChem/BEChem.
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